Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Got my Blog Back!

Thank you to all the wonderful blog people out  there!  I seem to have my old blog back.  I have no idea how it happened, but I was able to erase 'howto-think' from my 'permissions' page and make it mine again.  I am having a give away on Crafts and Stuff.  So go on over and leave a comment.  I am still working on it, but I should have something in a day or two.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Geese in the Road

While out riding on my scooter yesterday I saw this family of Canada Geese trying to cross the road.  This road is a busy one and even has bus service.  So I tried to ride my scooter in front of them and force them back into the park.  There is a huge bridge just south of here and I was afraid they would not be able to figure out how to get off it. 

I managed to get them back onto the grassy area.  Papa goose hissed and spat at me the whole time.  But I did get them to go back into the park.  This park is called Morningside Park and it is really pretty at this time of year.  I have no idea why they were up on the road since the park would be a much nicer place to raise a family of geese.  Highland Creek flows through it and there are lots of marshy areas that would make a perfect habitat. 

Here they actually looked as if they were going down the hill.  I continued on my journey, but as I looked back in my rear view mirror, I could see them back up on the road. 

The story has a happy ending though.  Last night we drove past this spot and there was no evidence of any geese.  They must have gone back into the valley.  At least I hope so.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Charity Quilt for May

I finished a charity quilt for this month.  It feels great to have finished something.  And I think it's a hit because both Mimi and Oscar immediately wanted to hop on it when I put it over a chair in order to photograph it. 

This quilt is going to Quilts from the Heart at our Guild.  They provided the fabrics and batting and all I had to do was sew it, sandwich it and quilt it.  I love these colours.  They remind me of the violets growing in my garden and represented in my present header.

My phone rang as I was taking a photo, so I went to answer it and when I came back this big furry monster was sitting right in the middle of the quilt.  And, he refused to get off!  So now I am donating a charity quilt covered in cat fur.  Oh, well, why should this one be different.  Everything that comes from my house is covered in cat fur.

Thanks to all who came to visit my blog last weekend and a special thanks to those who signed up as followers.  I am so grateful to Barb and Vicki and everyone else who posted about my blog dilemma.  Here is a photo of Mimi that I took yesterday.  She was enjoying the sunshine that we have been getting lately.  The forsythia is blooming and the magnolia trees are just awesome!  A few other flowering trees are slowly beginning to add colour to my world.  Even my peach tree is starting to bloom.  It has taken a long time, but I think our winter just may be over!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Welcome to my New Blog! And a Finish!

I want to thank all the readers and followers of my 'old' blog, Crafts and Stuff.  You have been so positive and encouraging, so inspirational and kind with your comments.  I have so enjoyed the world of blogging and quilting, knitting and creating for the past 5+ years, since December of 2005 to be exact.  Can you believe it's that long?  I made friends in every corner of the world and that meant a lot to me. 

Having said all that I am sure you can imagine my anger and frustration when I discovered that I could no longer log in to my blog. Everything was fine until last Thursday.  Since then I have not been able to post anything new or change anything that is already there.  I can see all my posts, but that's about all.  It was as if I am seeing my blog the way you, my wonderful blog readers, see it.  I am no longer in control.

What happened?  It seems that my blog was cyberjacked.  Someone hacked into my account and stole my password.  I received an email from blogger.bounces.google.com telling me that my blog now belongs to howto-live@hotmail.fr and can be accessed through for1blogger@hotmail.fr.  I did not get anywhere when I tried this since it is now a private blog.  All of this just frustrates me more.   So, if anyone has any ideas please let me know. 

My original reason for starting a blog was to have a record of my crafts.  I wanted a place where I could post my treasures and somehow organize the things I had made.  Now all of that seems wasted and ridiculous.  I feel violated.  The way anyone would feel if they had something of value stolen from them.  I am depressed over all of this as I am sure you can imagine how I feel.  But I can't let this stop me!  Decades of psychotherapy cannot be wasted.  After a couple of days of mourning, I am able to go on - with this new blog. 

So here is a finished - yes! finished! - wall hanging.  I started this at least 4 or 5 years ago, maybe more.  It measures 16 1/2in. by 33in. (42cm x84cm) and is heavily quilted. I sewed buttons in the centre of the flowers.  It reminds me of spring.  And what is spring? The start of new life.  And I am celebrating with the start of a new blog.

I will be sending an email out to my blogging friends so that they will know of my new address.  If you know of anyone who would be interested in reading my blog, please pass this link onto them.  I would also not be upset if my blogging friends would post my new link on their blogs.  Thanking you in advance. 

I think a give away is in order.  But more of that in a few days.  I have to think of something special.
Thanks again for being there!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lost Blog

My blog seems to have disappeared.   I think it has been abducted.
Actually it's still there but I can't access it.  What good is a blog that I can't post to?  So I have started a new blog.  This is a real pain in the you know where.  I will write more tomorrow.  Right now I have nothing to say.